The event was very useful for me. I also learnt a lot about my fellow artists and how they felt about the art world in general as well as the event. Joanna Warsza and I probably don't have a lot in common but it was still an interesting meeting, for sure she's really quick and smart. Also haben wir einen kleinen Mini-Roadtrip daraus gemacht und die Grampians und die bekannte Great Ocean Road besucht. She gave me a few advices and then I prepaired my portfolio like I thought it would be good for a 12 minutes talk. Schweren Herzens und mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge sind wir also vor ein paar Tagen abgereist. If more artists started their own spaces, their own initiatives, wrote about art, curated shows, organized events like this- even go further then imitating existing models the show, the gallery etc …this would be so much more fun for everybody The other 3 meetings I got were cold-aseptic responses, a nonsense polite answering which does not bring anything constructive that my photos are sharp????? Kathrin Becker, impressed me for her curiosity.

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I found it very useful, of course. Yes, I think 20 in place of 12 minutes and curators- more time for reflection. My intent was to start my talk from what the curators found more interesting. I felt that she really wanted to help artists become more professional and she was full of good advice. Maud has a pleasant professional way to guide you through the meeting and tap the basic infos without loosing too much time from the 12 minutes. Du kannst dich sicher noch an unseren Trip durchs Outback erinnern? Maybe it could be a good idea to have some back up ones. At least this is what I have understood. I had prepared a five-minute presentation enough time for questions or feedback that I have then used always but once. I only missed a couple of minutes to get some feedback. And by the way I do think curators, who bring years of professional experience to the event, should get paid for reviewing portfolios; especially in longer sessions where they are asked to give constructive feedback and consult on the portfolio, the presentation, the work, possible next career steps etc. But the speed of presentation depends on the curator, if the curator asked some questions, probably I could only finished projects, but if the curator were not that interested in, i could easily finish 5 projects. The short duration may turn out to be professionally impersonal, but it allows the direct focus to be entirely on the artist' work and if time allows, interesting dialogues ensues which is definitely the best part! It is also very helpful to find yourself in the situation, when you have to present your work in a short time period and discus it with a few different poeple. In my case, i got two positive meetings out of five. How did you go about your presentation- had you planned it or left it unfold-or depending on the curator? Es geht weiter Aber irgendwann mussten wir uns ja endlich mal wieder abnabeln. The problem was that they did not have the slightest idea of my work, so you need to show quickly your work and say at least the most essential things and then the time is almost finished, so you just get the feeling if your work was good or not for them. For me Susane Prinz was the more exciting and helpful with my work Sergio Belincho www. Dann flog Ange spontan nach Frankreich und wir blieben noch eine Woche und dann war auf einmal noch mehr Arbeit da und wir blieben noch eine Woche und dann … und so weiter. This gave me the impression that, after watching the video I showed her, she understood our work perfectly and could give some thoughtful comments. Longer meeting time will be better even extending it in 5 min. Jennis Li Cheng Tien www. I found this event useful and functional. The most feedback about my work I received from Joanna Warsza and Maud Piquion, but otherwise I had a good talk with all of them. She made some interesting and very clever interpretations of my work. In my personal case it has been quite positive.

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