Angie came in real close behind me and watched me fuck my sister for the first time, in a front row seat. Only two showed up but they were her prettiest girlfriend and if I may say the sexiest ones too. This is a case of rape and the accused must be punished. There was no breeze and the sun was overhead heating the house like an oven. I could even envision myself marrying her someday.

Sex stories wife lost bet

Everyone seem ok with it and of course the guys hope was that I would lose and my hope was that Jim would lose. As I was the only one naked. I felt dizzy after taking them. We based it on the Sunday football game, we both picked a team, as we have friends over for the game it seemed like a time that we could be open and have some fun. Gina and Angie were there early and climbed in with us. Soon I was holding onto her ass, kissing her, and shooting gobs of cum up into her. I gentle pushed on her shoulders and she lay back on the grass. She then felt my cock slipping into my sister. I was treated to her beautifully trimmed brown bush. As I walked back and forth to get the chips and drinks, everybody watched me. Gina was even hoping to get Alice and I in bed with her sometime. Once she was clean it was Gina that slipped the tampon into Angie. She was not wearing her top. On the way to the police station, her husband showed her a video clip of her with his friend. She then stood up they kissed he dressed and she walked him to the front door kissed him again as he was leaving he handed her a card and said 'here's my number call me when ever you want to fuck a winner again. She could not believe that one of her girlfriends had done that to her. It was going to be another hot day. She then went into have a shower and it got the better of me so after a few minutes I walked in to ask her what was the kiss at the door all about. I then turned to Jim and said "No a bet is a bet and the payment is this dare and Iam going to do it as we planned. The sensations that were flowing through my body were not new but the feelings were. I was watching his buttocks tighten as he thrust deep into my wife. I smiled as I clinched one of her nipples between my teeth gently and waited for her to sit upright ripping it from my mouth. After the first sight and excitement slowed down, Jane asked if anyone was hungry and wanted some sandwiches or snacks. I was just ready to run for cover when Jane stood up and came to me and whispered in my ear. Her breasts had grown, her waist had slimmed, and her hips had filled out. I was out in the backyard sitting under a big shade tree trying to stay cool and read. In the morning the kids woke up and asked why I had slept in the spare room to which I answered that I was reading there and fell to sleep.

Sex stories wife lost bet

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Sex stories wife lost bet

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