Now wait till you hear who was in the movie. Donna, on the other hand, was less than impressed. The two stand side by side, never look at or touch each other and reach silent climax. Which ones make you cringe? Basically, gay sex, especially for the first time, is really fucking painful.

Movies with realistic sex scenes

Shortbus John Cameron Mitchell created this movie as a real sex experiment and while it may have missed its mark at times, it definitely pushed the boundaries of what the public has seen. Both Lauren and Eric have confirmed that they really got it on for this movie, with Lauren even defending her decision wholeheartedly. The problem with Ken Park is that most of the movie is has no story, so it works like a skin flick instead of an actual film. Eric thought it was a great experience? Nick realizes, at the worst possible time, that that was a load of crap. Donna, on the other hand, was less than impressed. Besides all of the realness things get truly real when the main character and his lover have a touching, frank sex scene. Kerry still loves the film and defends it saying, "I absolutely have no regrets and it's one of the best pieces of work I've ever done. It's a little awkward, a little funny and a little cute. And in my head I envisioned a nice scene where you just see my hand slowly go out of frame. It was just hot sex! The two stand side by side, never look at or touch each other and reach silent climax. October 20, at 7: Honestly, her losing her virginity as a woman in her early '20s is realistic by default. In that spirit, and because we wanted an excuse to watch gay sex scenes all day, we decided to compile a list of movies that are not only realistic to the gay sex experience but some that are just a little too real. Well, two guys do drugs and have sex in a car in the woods, which is mild enough, until one beats and robs the other. It makes you wonder if the actors in those scenes were only pretending to be going to town on each other… or if they decided to pull out all the stops and really go for it on camera! I mean, I had sex with my boyfriend last night and that wasn't porn. And what kind of role model did I think I was giving young women? It was a full body shot! People say that filmmaking is a true team effort, and that notion holds true in more ways than one in Shortbus, the movie about a sex salon. Shank So, Shank is…graphic. In an interview with Interview Magazine, Pattinson even admitted that the scene was completely real. Unfortunately, Caligula was produced by a dude named Bob Guccione , who also happened to be the founder of Penthouse Magazine. Heck, if you walked in the room during this scene not knowing the movie, you might even mistake it for a well-produced adult flick!

Movies with realistic sex scenes

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Movies with realistic sex scenes

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