Army and have retired. Don't renounce your citizenship until you have another passport. I cannot even begin to describe how all of this has felt, how I have felt over the last few years. Leaving my entire life and family behind has been extremely difficult, to say the least. They deserve the treatment they get. You had freedom of choice and you made it. February 23, at 9:

Forced bi gay husbands sex

We are still in a failing economy and we are still suffering out here with no jobs and poverty. What I have had to do! The practises that gays engage in are not only vile and disgusting but an insult to proper standards of decency. I am very interested in your explanation because I'm having a difficult time making a connection. You had freedom of choice and you made it. Would I return when this silliness is eradicated? The beauty of your country is that we can agree to disagree. February 22, at 7: How many people is it? Obviously this country is not ahead of its time in these issues. I will, unfortunately, give up my US citizenship at the end of the year It is revolting, filthy and dirty and those people are a stain on humanity. February 22, at 2: It feels good too know that I helped defend the Rights of those privileged to marry the one's they love, albeit I don't possess that same Right myself. Suddenly, the Taliban don't look so bad now. Hopefully, soon as many people are needlessly suffering. You stand for the truth, and that's all there is to it. As much as I try my very Best to adapt, living here is a daily challenge that most will never ever remotely understand. You are free to live the life you wish within the laws of the country you live. February 22, at 6: Just because other evil things happen doesn't mean one can't pursue to stop evil in other ways. I am grateful every day that the people who hold your positions seem to be dying off. February 24, at 9: February 23, at 4: Besides not wanting to deal with the hate and bigotry of many Americans seen in abundance even within this forum , I've built a life and career here. Don't renounce your citizenship until you have another passport. Let the tribes go back to being tribes and blowing each other up if they wish.

Forced bi gay husbands sex

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Famous Women Who Unknowingly Dated Gay Men

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Forced bi gay husbands sex

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