Author — journeyquest1 there is no evidence in bible that the earth was populated before Adam Author — Roberto Wootton Not buying it. This erotic symbolism carries over into Christianity. Shame on you for leading people astray. She took the fruit from the tree. The tree of knowledge was a bloodline of people. The Christian church teaches that Lucifer was an angel in heaven and became satan after he fell.

Did satan have sex with adam in the garden

Which is what most squishy believer's do. In fact, he was the first of God's creation. Do not be like Eve who was "beguiled" by the handsome young intellectual preacher in the midst of the garden! The angel we know today as "The Serpent" was created. This is so wrong. Paul says elsewhere that the woman is the glory of the man, and, in guarding Eve, Adam guards a bright radiance of glory. Satan was allowed to walk on the Earth because he was cast down to the Earth because of his rebellion. If the serpent in the garden was not Satan in the form of an actual serpent, why would it say that? It is the Kingdom that Jesus taught his followers to pray to "come down" to the earth at Matthew 6: Author — kerryithm2 When the phrase stated in Ezekiel 28 that he was in Eden, the Bible was simply stating a fact. Shame on you for leading people astray. Jerome Harris Not so!! All of these ties in Isaiah chapter We're all black but we're different races. Why wouldn't the Holy Spirit just tell us this? Christ will have a year kingdom over the earth that is yet to come. Later sanctuaries are reconstituted gardens; the garden is a proto-sanctuary. Y'all are so right. People will think you are a heretic Carl, because you are preaching heresy. We were taught in the Christian Church that we're descendants of Ham who was cursed by God. Unless you start making up a story again that the garden of Eden was also allegorical and earth in verse 17 was also allegorical. What concerns me, is that you are a pastor, who is not above reproof, rebuke or reproach; you should care if a brother or sister corrects you. Why would Moses not say "Satan in the form of an angel of light slept with eve". Author — pentirah5 Interesting sermon pastor. The Bible doesn't give the name of the covering Cherub. Putting things in context by staying in Ezekiel in verse 16 it says that "Through your widespread trade you were filled with violence, and you sinned. Author — Kevin Ball I was about to order the book, but this video makes it pretty clear that it teaches some significant false doctrine.

Did satan have sex with adam in the garden

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Satan Has a He's Here! Who is He? - Dr. Gene Kim

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Did satan have sex with adam in the garden

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    For if what you say is true, and a woman does take on the demons of her partner when she fornicates with another, then she would have been completely defiled and would have had soul ties as well with Satan.


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