Let's fix it, either by demonstrating "effect", or by leaving it out. I'm not entirely sure what they're highlighting, or what purpose they're serving. The validity of this sort of potentially damaging data is the crux of what an encyclopedia is all about, and why we must err on the side of caution. February — Spears spent a single night at a drug rehab facility. However something along the lines of "generated a lot of interest in the media after being caught 'commando' on nights out with Paris Hilton and L. We can put the one from the New Year's Eve party.

Britney spears sex tape shaved head

It's inconsequential, just like nipple slips and such. On May 18, , Spears was photographed leaving the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan with a glass in one hand and her 8-month-old son in the other. BLP support its inclusion. It was a series of events well reported by the mainstream press, that were related to a subject in Wikipedia, and its inclusion seems to meet all policies and guidelines. I love my child and would do anything to protect him. However, in the infidel West celebrity harlots are actually proud of their mashed up meat wallets, and head out in dresses and skirts without panties on to show them off to the world. In this context, here's the key part of it: If it comes up in any child custody case—as opposed to media suggesting that it might—that, too, would satisfy cause-and-effect. July — After three tumultuous month, during which Spears was injured while shooting the video for Outrageous, had surgery and was put in a leg brace, she married dancer Kevin Federline. She was sitting there in the car with her skirt hiked way up. You are acting in a very POV manner, and frankly, well just having to mention your POV antics is very distressful to me and makes me physically ill. This information has to be included I also left out exactly what O'Reilly and many others are speculating specifically, namely that she's desparately crying for attention, and obviously is getting some. Given only a few weeks ago she was fighting a case based on an alleged sex vid where the Judge actually judged against her based on the fact she sells her sexuality - this is probably the biggest pat on the back the judge could get. It was a big mark in her career, and encyclopedias are meant to be a semi-biography. Radiokirk, without taking sides - I'm very concerned you used admin powers to protect this article while being a party in the dispute. First, clearly absent a speculum, the vagina is not visible, failing accuracy standards. Britney Spears Again Britney Spears shows up on this rundown as she demonstrates her full pussy lips canvassed in what gives off an impression of being scars from a current genital warts and additionally herpes flare-up. Following this visit, child welfare officials, as well as a sheriff's deputy, visited the Spears home. This is particularly true of the first version I saw, in which the encyclopedia essentially used the data to question her fitness as a parent. It's happened four times, would you like for me to post every single picture? Seemed somewhat unnecessary to me. More brief rehab visits followed in the coming weeks. I'm guessing you haven't seen the photos. It was a slow, but steady climb to stability from there.

Britney spears sex tape shaved head

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'Britney Ever After': Sex tape?

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Britney spears sex tape shaved head

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    As lude as it was, it's now an important part in Spears' personal life as well as career and is no longer just "tabloid" rubbish and should be part of the article, maybe it wasn't as notable for Lindsay Lohan, but the past week has proven it is for Britney. And while it's beside the point, the blatant POV censorship of most wiki articles by wiki nazis such as yourself is what led to my username, not just your ugly and distateful efforts on this article.


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