For this one, i'm just jamming to this huge hit by the Guns N' Roses! Hope you'll like the video! As usual, feel free to comment and rate. Feel free to add me on Facebook for exclusive videos, pics and tips. The Dvd includes the tracks:

Blood sugar sex bass tabs

Hope you'll like the video! I add some fills on the verses! This is a bass cover of Even Flow, by Pearl Jam. The great DVD can be purchased by following the link http: Baixe o app Cifra Club Social e fique por dentro de tudo que rola aqui! Please note the following: I made the tabs for that video as a big thanks to those who vote for my band, Deep Kick. Jason Yang We pre-recorded the loops on my loop station to save time. I play the song my way, and yes, if you compare to the original, it IS different Actually the votes aren't done yet, that's why we still need votes. I wanted to make this cover a bit more entertaining with the visuals to link it with some of my experiences here so far, so it is a little different. I changed some stuff on it I added a knob and changed the pickup. I did this cover yesterday but I had problems with the upload! I have learnt a few chili's songs and would love you're feed back! It has been a crazy journey seeing this land beyond the screen. I used a computer to record the sound this time going Direct in. My online store - http: Follow me on Twitter! A big thank you to Imi for climbing the hills with me and filming this so beautifully. Ive been able to relate to this song more than ever after living the past year in Hollywood. Sorry for the mistakes and the chorus i kinda messed up on it really tires your hand! Thanks for watching and subscribing! So, please don't comment about errors i made if compared to the original. My other videos of Higher Ground were not really good, so I decided to make a new cover of this song and I think I did a better job, but I let you decide! Those of you who have seen my other videos already know how that goes!

Blood sugar sex bass tabs

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Blood sugar sex bass tabs

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